A system of support for families.

What is the Parent Circle?


A system of support for families so that deaf, hard of hearing, deaf blind, deaf disabled and Deaf Plus children can thrive.

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Did you miss Rana's class? Watch the replay in the Parent Circle! 


Dr. Jasmine Simmons 

Did you miss Dr. Jasmine Simmons session? Join as a member and watch the replay! 

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Did you miss Lee and Bob Woodruff?

Lee (Author) and Bob Woodruff (ABC News reporter) shared their journey with The Parent Circle. Join as a member to watch the replay! 

Monthly Guest Presenters

Learn from guest presenters on a variety of topics and experiences. This is an opportunity to meet and connect with a variety of deaf, hard of hearing, deaf blind, and deaf disabled adults.

Support Sessions

Join any Support Session and connect with an experienced Parent Coach. A safe, nurturing place to connect with other parents, ask questions, and get the resources you need. 

Info That Makes a Difference

Discover how to be a strong, confident parent so you can help your child thrive and grow. Utilize a Language Thrivation approach to ensure your child has access. 

Private Community

Connect with other parents in a private community (not Facebook). You'll discover you are not alone on the parenting journey.

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What can you expect from the Parent Circle?

For families, by families. A system of support which includes deaf, hard of hearing, deaf blind, and deaf disabled/Deaf Plus adults. 

Trained Parent Mentors

Our mentors are parents who are trained to provide highly-individualized, compassionate support. 

Parent Groups and Community

Connect with parents from your area and those who are on a similar journey.

Learn from Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf Blind, and Deaf Disabled Adults

Featuring interactive opportunities to connect with and learn from adults on the journey.  


$22 per month

Priceless Value

  • Connect with other parents
  • Support Sessions
  • Online classes
  • Learn from Deaf/Hard of Hearing/ Deaf Blind/ Deaf Disabled adults

Membership means unlimited access

Every month, the Parent Circle features a variety of Support Sessions with highly-trained Parent Coaches. You'll have access to resources and information to help you navigate your parenting journey with confidence. 

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You may be able to add The Parent Circle to Your Child's IFSP/IEP

There is a section in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)  law that covers Parent Counseling and Training.

This section is found at IDEA 300.34(c)(8) and reads:

(8)(i) Parent counseling and training means assisting parents in understanding the special needs of their child;

(ii) Providing parents with information about child development; and

(iii) Helping parents to acquire the necessary skills that will allow them to support the implementation of their child’s IEP or IFSP.


The Parent Circle provides mentoring, training, resources, and information to help parents confidently navigate their child's daily journey in the educational setting, the community, and at home. 

Contact your IFSP/IEP team about adding The Parent Circle to your child's IFSP/IEP plan. 

The Parent Circle Coaches:

Djenne-Amal and Michael Morris

Parent Coach

Rana Ismail Ottallah

Parent Coach

Yiesell Huerta

Parent Coach

Karen Putz

Parent Coach

Michelle Hu 

Ask the Audiologist

Tabitha Palmer

Parent Coach

Rachel Coleman

Parent Coach

Veronica Roman

We were lucky, we had Karen Putz as our mentor and role model. She was fantastic in never giving her biased opinion on anything, but helping us strengthen our decision-making ability to do what was best for our child. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Top Ten Reasons You Should Join The Parent Circle:


    1. Expert Guidance: Members of The Parent Circle benefit from access to experts in the field who can provide valuable guidance on educational resources, parent empowerment, and navigating the journey specific to raising a deaf or hard-of-hearing child.

    2. Cultural Awareness: Recognizing the importance of cultural identity, the organization provides culturally diverse coaches.

    3. Coaching: The Parent Circle provides opportunities for private, one-on-one coaching and advocacy services (at additional cost.)

    4. Community Support: The Parent Circle provides a community where families with deaf and hard-of-hearing children can connect, share experiences, and offer emotional support to one another.

    5. Individualism: The organization offers sessions tailored to the unique needs of families with deaf, hard-of-hearing, deafblind, deafdisabled, Deaf Plus children of ALL ages, empowering parents with knowledge and skills to better support their child's development.

    6. Advocacy Resources: The Parent Circle equips families with advocacy tools and resources to navigate educational systems, ensuring that deaf and hard-of-hearing children receive the necessary accommodations and support in academic settings.

    7. Social Opportunities: Creating opportunities for social interaction, the Parent Circle facilitates events and activities where parents can connect with other parents, fostering friendships and connections.

    8. Identity: The Parent Circle provides a safe space for families and children of all identities to be understood, celebrated, and validated.

    9. Emotional Resilience: Through shared experiences and mutual support, The Parent Circle helps families build emotional resilience, empowering them to navigate the emotional challenges that may arise on their parenting journey.

    10. Celebration of Achievements: The organization celebrates the achievements of deaf and hard-of-hearing children and adults, fostering a positive and empowering environment that reinforces the potential and capabilities of each child.